Pest Treatment

Ants & Spiders

We treat the roof void, sub-floor all outside, fences eaves door and window frames gardens ect. We can also treat the interior of the home all treatment are covered by warranty and in most circumstances it is not necessary to leave the home, all pesticides are registered with the halh department and are all low in toxcicty.

Rodents, rats and mice

are usually baited, bait stations are placed throughout the roof void sub floor and garage rodents will not generally die on the property.

Wasps and bees

Wasp and bee hives are treated with an insecticidal dust which is injected directly into the nest.

Silverfish and carpet beetle

These pests are treated by spraying carpet edges and interiors of homes. We can also treat the roof and sub floor in necessary. We may also have to mist the interior of the home which means the home may need to be vacated for four hours.

Chemical treatment

Pesticides are applied to all the soil area beneath the sub floor of the home or slab, before landscaping the perimeter wall lines are treated. This treatment is also done in accordance with AS 3660.1