Termite Treatment


Granitgard offers affordable, non-toxic, long-lasting barriers against subterranean termite entry.

Granitgard is a natural, non toxic graded stone developed with the CSIRO and tested for many years throughout Australia. It uses durable materials to form tough termite barriers, and:

  • Offers long life protection
  • Is a non toxic, safe alternative no dangerous chemicals
  • Comes with a comprehensive warranty covering all timber in the building for up to 10 years

How does a Granitgard stone barrier work?
Granitgard particles principally work in three ways. They are too hard for termites to chew, they are generally too big for termites to move, they sit closely together so that termites cannot squeeze through.



Termatrac is a breakthrough development in the detection of termites, invented and developed in Australia using technology similar to radar, Termatrac is the exciting answer to detecting termites through timber, plaster board, brick or masonry with no interference to the building material or termite activity.

With no drilling, tapping or prodding, Termatrac is the answer to termite detection without termite defection! With Termatrac, the pest professional enjoys the advantage of accurate detection and customer peace of mind.



Exterra baiting systems. Exterra is a baiting system which is very affective for treating termites particularly when there is no access to the sub floor, bait stations are placed around the perimeter of a home and termites are attracted  into theses stations. When this occurs  the termites are baited and  the colony eliminated.



Termseal is a physical termite barrier that is installed into penetrations and around the perimeter wall lines of a building Termseal is a green product and comes with a ten year warranty see the link to there web site for technical information. All work is carried out to Australian standard AS 3660.1


Chemical treatment

Pesticides are applied to all the soil area beneath the sub floor of the home or slab, before landscaping the perimeter wall lines are treated. This treatment is also done in accordance with AS 3660.1